5 Steps to Making Your Next Move Easier


No one likes to move. In recent years, high-end service providers have extended their white glove services to include the moving process, and caring for homeowners at this critical juncture in their lives. From professional organizers, packers, estate managers, service providers are addressing the overloaded moving to-do list.

“A well-cared for move is an organized one,” says An Organized Project Founder Laura Smith. “A professional organizer provides pre-move de-cluttering, downsizing assistance, packing, unpacking and overall coordination. Essentially, a professional organizer can drive the moving process and leave you with a serene, organized new home.”

Laura recommends a four-step process to achieve an organized move:

1. Visualize the new space:  Allow yourself ample time before your move to think through your collections and belongings. Consider what you want to have in your new space. A professional organizer will help you make these decisions, planning storage solutions and spatial planning in your new home.

2. Accept help: It is difficult to find the time and the mindset to go through all of you possessions and know what stays and what goes. Professional organizers sort through drawers and closets to organize the contents that have ended up there over the years. They will clean and organize every inch of your space and assist you through the emotional process.

3. Pre-Move de-cluttering:  It is critical to discard, donate and sell unwanted items before the movers arrive to alleviate unnecessary moving and clutter in your new home. A professional organizer will provide a valuable network of resources to simplify the process.

4. Unpack with ease:  Remember how you visualized yourself in the space before the move? A professional organizer will unpack in an organized fashion to ensure the most efficient use of your new space. They have a vested interest in making sure you are settled into your new home with peace of mind.

5. Keep claim and carry on: We all know it can be daunting and feel overwhelming at times when moving, but the more time you can give your self the lest stress you will feel. Plan more move time then you thing you will need and focus on one room at a time. Start a week or two ahead of the move and chip way at a room one day at a time. 

Let’s admit it. It takes a certain bravery to leave one life and move to the next. Treat yourself to the moving amenities now available to make the experience a delightful one, rather than a daunting one. Why not have professionals at your side to guide you home?

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