Freshen Up Your Home with These 6 Spring Home Tips

Home Improvement

Now that the cold winter weather is done. Freshen up your home with these 6 tips for Spring:

1. Spring Cleaning- Get rid of clutter and items that you haven't used in awhile. (Consider eBay, Craigslist or a garage sale to make extra dough!) Take this daunting task room by room and before you know it, your home will be spotless!

2 .Easy Breathing- Clean the vents on your air conditioner and replace the filter if needed. Eliminating potential pollens and allergens will help you and your family breathe easy.

3. Leaky Faucets- Check pipes for cracks and water leaks. Turn off all water sources in the home and check your water meter for any movement.

4. April Showers- With Spring comes rain. Clean out gutters and drainage paths to help water drain properly. This will prevent flooding and will protect gutters.

5 .May Flowers- The planting season begins in Colorado around Mother's day. Which was May 12th this year. Now is the time to clean your garden and remove all the debris (leaves, leftover snow, etc.) Get rid of weeds, making sure that you get the roots so they won't grow back. Once you've gotten the garden in shape and handled all of the old plants, it's time to turn your attention to new plants. You should lean towards planting more perennials rather than annuals, because annuals have to be replaced every year.

6. Keep Bugs Away- Grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and bugs are back! Check your screens, door thresholds and windows to make sure each fits snugly. Remove piles of debris and materials from your yard. If need be, hire an exterminator to spray the perimeter of your home to keep the insects out.

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