What's the KEY to buying a new home?

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Home Improvement

It's now been over a month since you closed on your new home. You are all unpacked and moved in. But you still feel like you are missing something. 

Have you got around to changing your locks yet? 

You may never know how many people have had keys to your new place before you purchase it.  Everyone from the former cleaning lady to a dog sitter and neighbors may have had a key and access.

When you change your locks, it's smart to have all the locks re-keyed so that one key works for all the doors. And make sure to get an estimate - sometimes for just a little extra you can get new lock sets and door handles, which can really improve the look of your entry doors.

Please let me know if you'd like a referral to a locksmith. I know of a couple that I recommend regularly. Call or contact me via email if you'd like a recommendation. 


 Phoenix Rain, Realtor